Tuesday, October 1, 2019-James Wambua, the husband of  the 35-year old lady who drowned in the Indian Ocean with their daughter, has recalled his last conversation with her minutes before the ferry accident.

Wambua revealed that he had a phone conversation with his wife, Mariam Kigenda,  30 minutes before the tragedy and she informed him that she was about to board the ferry at Likoni Channel with their 4-year old daughter, Amanda.

Mariam had visited their Kwale farm and she was on her way back to their Mombasa home when the vehicle they were travelling in, a Toyota Isis, slid while on board MV Harambee ferry and plunged into the Indian Ocean.

 “Shortly after 6pm, she [Mariam] called to tell me that she was on her way back and she was, in fact, about to cross. But at around 6.40pm, I scanned my Twitter and saw breaking news about a Likoni ferry mishap in which a vehicle had plunged into the ocean,” a heartbroken Wambua said.

“I was shocked and called my wife but I couldn’t reach her,” he added while struggling to hold back tears.

Preliminary investigations indicate the vehicle’s breaks failed, resulting in it reversing and plunging into the sea.

The incident has sparked outrage with Kenyans calling for heads to roll in the Kenya Ferry Services over gross incompetence.

Mariam’s family and friends believe the 20 minutes in which the car remained afloat in the waters before sinking were enough to rescue the victims had there been safety measure put in place by the Kenya Ferry Service (KFS)

The bodies are yet to be retrieved with the government reported to be sourcing equipments from South Africa for the mission.

On Monday, the car was detected at a depth of 60 metres in the sea but the government lacks the equipments to retrieve it and the bodies.


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