1. Never ever leave your drink unattended while you’re at a party, concert or nightclub – Even if you are going to the washroom.

2. If your drink has a bitter, salty or strange taste, stop drinking immediately.

3. Opt for unopened bottled drinks or cans over glass drinks.

4. Avoid drinking to the point where you cannot be aware of your surroundings.

5. Trust your instincts ..if you are not comfortable with something or someone just leave it immediately.

6. Avoid communal drinks served in bowls or other containers.

7. If you’re going to a club, bar or party, try to avoid taking valuable personal belongings, credit cards or large amounts of cash. If you do take valuables with you, try to keep them out of sight of others. They always attract crime.

8. If you feel faint, dizzy, nauseous, weak or exceptionally drunk after not drinking very much just leave and take a cab immediately or call a friend.


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