Last year towards the end of November my housegirl told me she was visiting her ailing mother in Bungoma.Since I couldn’t resist,I told her to go for one week and come back to take care of my child. During that week,I asked for a one week leave at my work place.

But things got worse when she told me her mother has died and that she won’t come to Nairobi again. That news shocked me,I had to look for a quick solution. I asked for anyone I knew where I can get a maid and luckily, a house help working for my neighbor told me her friend was available. I didn’t ask her much, I sent Ksh 500 for transport—she was living in Thika.

After two days,I remember it was December 13,she came and was escorted with my neighbor’s house help.I was excited at least my child would be okay. I gave my neighbour’s house help Ksh200 as a thank you.

For one week I didn’t see any problem,she was a good girl and did everything according to instructions.But on the particular fateful day,I woke up and left her with Ksh 500 to buy supper.I also told her I will be late that day because we had a meeting at Upper Hill.

That evening I arrived at home at exactly 8.20 pm.But what shocked me was that people were surrounding my house and my child was crying uncontrollably. Upon inquiring,my neighbours told me the baby had been crying since 2 in the afternoon. I took my key and opened the door.I almost fainted when I saw the baby on a cold floor,she had cried and almost died.God saved him too because the gas was still on.

I tried to call the house help, she was nowhere to be seen.I went to my neighbours to check for her and I didn’t see her.I tried to call the one who brought her,her phone was off too.I had hidden Ksh 20,000 in my bedroom and when I checked,I only found the carton which I had wrapped the money with.It downed on me that I had been conned.

The worst mistake I did was that I didn’t ask for an ID and I didn’t know any of her neighbours too.But since I was determined to get my cash back,I decided to fight until the bitter end.I thought of going to the police but neighbours advised me otherwise.I was lucky one of my neighbours suggested I go for traditional help.She did the same in2016 and she recovered her cows from thieves.

She gave me these details:

Phone number:  +254740637248

Email address: mugwenudoctors@gmail.com

I called the number provided above and asked whether he could help me.He explained to me what to do and I did exactly as he said.Two days later we met in Western Kenya where he did some magic and promised to wait for two days.What I liked is that I found several people who were also giving testimonies about Dr Mugwenu.

While sitting in the office,I heard a message ringing and when I looked at it it was my thief househelp.I didn’t believe he had returned the Ksh 20,000 through MPESA.She also apologized and said she was deceived by the househelp who was working for my neighbor.Due to excitement,I took Ksh5,000 and gave it to Dr Mugwenu.I am happy I revenged.

CALL - +254740637248 



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