By Steve Waiganjo

What you have seen on CitizenTv about that Indian/Kenyan investor who wants to be deported illegally is what happens every-day.

These mafioso styled schemes are carried out by thugs in the MINISTRY OF INTERIOR, SENIOR IMMIGRATION officials, SENIOR POLICE OFFICERS and KENYA AIRPORT AUTHORITY OFFICIALS.

I'm currently pursuing a case of a friend of mine, a reputable Norwegian who came in this country in 2006. Within 5 years he had registered 3 companies and had DIRECTLY invested more than 9BILLION in this country.

Around that time i met him and there's a project that i wanted to do with him in Baidoa Somalia under the UN and we became quite close. That man loved this country like his 2nd home, he married OFFICIALLY and i even have a copy of his ORIGINAL marriage certificate. Around 2013 he called me one day and told me that he had received anonymous calls that there were senior government officials who were after his properties and the caller wanted him to surrender a part of his property on Riverside Drive for him to be protected...i told him to ignore it (thought it was prisoners in Kamiti Block D).

But one day he called me and told me he was at Kileleshwa Police Station cos there's a car that had been following him and he was worried about his safety. I drove all the way to Kileleshwa Police Station and met him there...and shockingly the police officers were treating his issue casually and asking stupid questions.

I demanded to see the OCPD, they became rough; i called a senior officer that i knew at Vigilance and they allowed us to see him. He took my friend's statement and we left.

Fast forward, on May 2014, armed goons who were armed with M16s, bullet proof vests and wearing balaclavas raided my friend's house at 3AM in the morning, yes you heard right 3AM IN THE MORNING and pointed guns at his 2 children and the wife.

They were told to keep quiet unless they wanted to die. They kidnapped my friend, beat him when he tried to ask questions and threw him in a car boot, drove straight to the airport where his finger prints were taken and he was deported...just like that.

When he was put in the aeroplane, he demanded to know why they were kicking him out and they produced a letter written and signed by the then Interior CS and currently the governor of Kajiado Hon.Joseph Ole Lenku; Governor Kajiado County...(whose copy i have).

The letter shallowly stated that he (Ole lenku) being the CS interior had enough reasons to believe that my friend's presence wasn't in the best interest of Kenya so he had to be deported...and just like that my friend lost his investments worth billions.

Ole lenku's letter is bullshit because i knew my friend in and out and what he was doing in his country's government before he came to Kenya...his money was clean. His government protested to the Kenyan government but it amounted to nothing because he wasn't here to defend himself.

They took all his phones so he didn't even have my number to call and notify me....cos i was also in and out of the country then. Now...as i type this...i have been on his case since last year. I have all his documents and from my preliminary findings so far, one of his largest property at Lower Kabete worth 2.6BILLION has already been grabbed (its in the names of a senior politician).

Another 25 acres of land that he had at Karen and for which he had a plan for Villas has been grabbed and is in the name of one of this country's most feared gang leaders and a governor.

There has been two attempts on the life of my friend's wife, she is now in self imposed exile and before she left one of her children was almost kidnapped from school.
That is your country for you....but I'm going after them...not alone but with back-up from my friend's government.

Kenya is a dangerous place..you either eat someone or you will be eaten. In this country always be on the look out....and if you're a foreigner, i won't advise you to invest carelessly in this country. Kenya is a den of merciless mafias. The mafias are not thugs outside government. The government is the mafia.

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  1. Mmmmm... go after them thieving and murdering cabal. Thank God they did not put him in a septic tank or something like that.