Saturday, October 19, 2019-Popular American pastor David E Wilson of Bible Way Ministries has been caught up in a sex scandal that has shocked the world and exposed how men of the cloth are wolves in sheep's clothing.

In the sex  video that has spread online like bushfire, the respected pastor who has  been in the church ministry for over 40 years, is seen going down on a  woman who is not his wife and licking her private parts like an ice-cream.

The married pastor’s “holy tongue” does wonders during the one minute video that has shocked the world.

He licked the woman’s “eska-nunu” for one good minute without even taking a breath.
Social media has erupted after the video surfaced online, with all manner of memes trolling the rogue man of God flooding twitter.

Here’s the leaked video of the pastor’s “holy tongue” doing wonders during hot sex with a woman said to be his side-dish.

Here are photos of the pussy eating pastor.


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