Monday October 28, 2019 - The Government through the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) has begun investigating Silverstone Air Services following a series of air incidents over the last one month.

On Monday morning, a plane belonging to Silverstone Air was forced to make an emergency landing at Eldoret International Airport, after a tyre fell off during take-off.

On Sunday, Silverstone aircraft hit and damaged another plane at the Wilson Airport in Nairobi,

A fortnight ago, the same airline was in the headlines for the wrong reasons after one of its planes skidded off the runway and crash landed shortly after take-off at Wilson Airport.

KAA has now issued a statement and said that it will perform a through audit on Silverstone Air to establish whether the airline was operating on laid down aviation procedures or it is risking lives of passengers.

“The audit is being performed in order to determine the level of compliance with the current Civil Aviation regulations and their own company’s approved manuals and procedures,” KCAA said in a statement.

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