Sunday October 6, 2019-It is without a doubt that Deputy President William Ruto has taken to the churches as a way to ensure that his 2022 presidential bid remains afloat.

However, the DP seems to have taken the issue with religion a bit too far after declared every Wednesday a day of fasting for him and his staff at Harambee House Annex and Karen offices.

The workers are expected to hold the fast from morning till evening, a habit that they are alleged to have become comfortable with over time.

"It is a personal-family Christian ritual. As a staff, we respect it. It also strengthens those of us who join in the fast," Ruto's press secretary Emanuel Talam stated.

The idea of fasting was supported by the majority whip in the National Assembly Benjamin Washiali, who stated that DP Ruto plans to visit all the churches in the country before the 2022 General Elections.

"Leadership comes from God, and even as you go convincing people to elect you, you want to find favor in his eyes as well. Wednesdays remain to be days of prayers and reflection," he stated.

Wednesday are also days that the DP is reported to have set aside to meet religious leaders from various denominations.

However, Professor Joseph Galgalo, the Vice-Chancellor of St Paul's University that trains religious leaders does not agree with the strategy used by the Deputy President to mine votes.

"Unfortunately this falls under utilitarian use of religion. The religion gives the scheming political class a platform to lure the faithful into electing them," he was quoted as saying.



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