Monday October 14, 2019 - Renowned University of Nairobi don, Prof Herman Manyora, has revealed the name of a Kenyan who can whitewash Deputy President William Ruto and Orange Democratic Movement party leader, Raila Odinga, should he decide to vie for Presidency in 2022.

Speaking to NTV’s AmLive show on Monday, Manyora said Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko will win the Presidency if he decides to join the 2022 succession politics.

Manyora said Sonko’s political ideology reflects the needs of the people hence putting him ahead of Ruto and Raila and any other person interested in the presidential seat.

“Let me tell you this, I have said it before in my weekly YouTube video and some people really attacked me.”

“We are creating a room for Sonko to become a President in this country.”

“I want to say this looking at those who lead this country and those who aspire to be a President.”

“You will have a problem campaigning against Sonko if he stands,” Prof Manyora said.

The seasoned political don claimed that the prevailing political situation on the ground places the City Governor at a better position to win people’s votes compared to any other person.

However, Sonko has never hinted that he will be seeking the Presidency come 2022.


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  1. man you are educated but a times foolish at the same time.

    who in Kenya can elect a zombie educable drug baron for become the president of any nation. with his governorship election, you've see the foolishness that come with the zombie. He is the rotten face of the present vampire election thief.

    No country on the face of this earth will have such a zombie for president, leave alone governorship - where the county of Nairobi are presently being faced with.

    You can vote for the zombie yourself, a reflection of your retarded luhya brain.

  2. Let sus top this male egotistic charade.... we can elect a woman to power for a change. A female version of Paul Kagame+John Pombe Makufuli rolled into one..... that describes none other than Martha Karua...warts and all, she has balls to take us out of the rut we are currently in.