Thursday October 17, 2019-Former Mukurweini lawmaker Kabando Wa Kabando has advised Deputy President William Ruto not to celebrate yet going by a good number of the persons currently in his camp because they will abandon him with time.

The DP has been basking in endorsements from a good number of politicians from across the nation, some of whom have crossed to his side over from the opposition parties.

But speaking on Wednesday, Kabando warned the DP against considering their endorsements for his 2022 presidential bid sincere, saying that most are only with him for their own reasons.

He pointed out that when the time comes, a good number will abandon him to troop back to where they came from, probably before the polls, leaving him with very few people to his side.

"I can tell you, all these individuals, quite a good number of them will not be where they're standing today," he said during an interview.

Kabando cautioned that the group accompanying the DP is only doing so because he has something to offer, but not because they love or believe in his ideologies.

"If I were to advise Deputy President William Ruto, the people around you singing songs and telling you that you are the alpha and omega or the political melodrama or panorama of this country, they will only be with you for now because they are extracting the gold you may have," he said.


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