Friday October 11, 2019-Tob Cohen's widow and murder suspect, Sarah Wairimu Cohen, was today released on KSh 4M bond or KSh 2M cash bail after spending 44 days in detention.

However, it will not be business as usual as she was ordered never ever to set foot at her Kitusuru home.

In her ruling, Justice Stella Mutuku ordered Sarah to provide her own testimonial of how she will sustain herself.

Here are some of the tough condition set out for Sarah before her release;-

1. She should not go near matrimonial home.

2. Not contact or interfere with any witnesses.

3. Not go near any business being operated by the deceased whether jointly owned or not.

4. Provide testimonials from father and close friend that they are willing to accommodate her.

5. Provide her own testimonial on how she will sustain herself.

6. DCI to continue holding her passport.



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  1. this only happen in a mt Kenya regime.

    world jurisdiction, wouldn’t allow a cold blooded mungiki killer free to enjoy freedom on murder.

    she killed a jaw: she will never realise what heat her with all the cohort working with her in her defence.

    God’s chosen people are never messed with and she will soon know that.