Monday, October 7, 2019 - Struggling city socialite and online flesh peddler, Chebet Pinkie, has exposed KTN news journalist, Mark Nyongesa, claiming that he almost raped her.

According to Chebet, who sells nudes online, the sexually starved journalist has been buying her nudes since 2014.

He contacted her recently and requested for a meeting and since he is a loyal customer, the upcoming socialite decided to meet him.

However, she tagged a close lady friend along for safety.

Chebet claims that after meeting the KTN journalist, he solicited for sex from her but she declined.

He turned to her close friend after Chebet refused to sleep with him and demanded for paid sex services from her but she also declined.

Chebet alleges that Mark locked her in the bathroom and assaulted them.

He has been begging her not to leak the story and even sending her money to silence her.

Chebet shared screenshots of the conversation between her and the journalist, where he was desperately begging her not to leak the story.

She exposed the journalist on her official Instagram page and later pulled down the post.

However, we managed to get a screenshot of the expose.

Here’s a photo of the sexually starved journalist.

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