Monday October 14, 2019 - A section of Jubilee MPs allied to Tanga Tanga have vowed to rally behind the stand taken by the Catholic Church Bishops on church fundraisers.

Speaking over the weekend at St Michael Kiamaina Catholic Church in Bahati, Nakuru County, the leaders stated that the church has a strong role in society and should be supported.

Led by the host MP, Kimani Ngunjiri (Bahati), they said that the move taken by the church will also help in regulating donations.

They vowed to continue working closely with the church in Kenya to ensure social development at grass root level.

“The church is right and we should support it as leaders” said Kimani Ngunjiri.

On his part, nominated MP, David Sangok, argued that there is no clean and dirty money but money meant to support development in the church.

He stated that there are churches that have developed while others are yet to develop hence the need to support them through fundraisers.

“There is no clean money and dirty money when it comes to development.”

“What we need to do is ensure that there is a proper collaboration between leaders and the church to enhance development,” observed Sangok.

Similar sentiments Kiharu MP, Ndindi Nyoro, who noted that political leaders will continue to support the church.

“As Kiharu MP, I want to assure the bishops and the church that we shall respect the direction they give us," he said.


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