Sunday October 20, 2019-Tanzanian gospel star Rose Muhando has shed light into her devil worshiping and drug abuse allegations. 

Speaking during an interview on Radio Citizen, Muhando stated that those allegations were false. 
She pointed out that the allegations were started by her former manager.

According to Muhando, her manager had approached her for sexual favors but she turned him down prompting him to accuse her with such damning allegations. 

''I did not want to be a sex slave, and don't want even today. (Sikutaka kuwa mtumwa wa ngono, sitaki hata leo),'' she said.

More so, she said that her life was in danger after 'people' behind the allegations wanted her to accept things (which she didn't mention) but she refused. 

“How many times did they take me to the hills, into the forest, a pistol put on my head and told to accept things I can’t mention but I refused (Kwani mara ngapi nimechukuliwa nikapelekwa milimani, nikapelekwa msituni nikawekewa bastola kichwani nikubaliane na kile ambacho sitaweza kulisema lakini nilikataa),'' said an emotional Muhando. 

Muhando also talked about her encounter with Pastor James Ng’ang’a of Neno evangelism church in Nairobi. 

However, she noted that Kenya accepted her and guided her throughout her hard times.
She is back into track having released various songs within a short while.



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