Friday October 18, 2019 - Former Taita Taveta Women Representative, Joyce Lay, has opened up about her life after losing her seat in August 2017.

Sharing on social media on Thursday, Lay said that she went broke after losing her senatorial bid in Taita Taveta in the 2017 elections

The former MP laid bare her claims when commenting on the story of former Ichagaki Ward MCA, Joseph Njogu, who used all his resources to finance the 2017 elections but failed.

Broke Njogu said that he was looking for a job as a driver at Muranga County Assembly.

Joyce said, “I will not ridicule him because if you don’t have any other income from your investments before going into politics then you become broke."

"It’s worse after losing a seat.”

In a series of tweets, she disclosed that she was forced to sell her only vehicle to pay debts  after losing the 2017 elections.

“I still haven’t paid them all."

"I couldn’t afford to live a luxurious life because I was serving people in marginalized areas."

“I use Uber to move around the city."

"Though I don’t regret anything,” she said.

The former legislator also disclosed that she recently put up her apartment for sale to enable her invest in a business.

“It hasn’t sold yet so I borrowed another loan from a bank to fund the business."

"Lucky, I had a guarantor so it helped,” she said.


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