Wednesday, October 9, 2019 - Former Nyakach MP, Pollins Daima Ochieng’, has been forced to seek divine intervention after falling from grace to grass.

The former Legislator who served between 2002 and 2007, sought for divine intervention from a Ugandan pastor identified as Samuel Kakande, and confessed that he may soon go into bankruptcy.

The former MP revealed that he has been in a financial turmoil after his businesses collapsed and lost his palatial house valued at Ksh 20 million, a luxury car and 10 trucks.

He further told the man of God that he has had a constant back ache.

"The prophesy that you gave there is true.”

“I can confirm I lost a house, the house is about KSh 20 million.”

“I had 10 trucks, I lost all of them.”

“I lost a Prado.”

“I lost everything and even now life has become a bit challenging,” he said during the live TV broadcast.

Ochieng’s wife who had accompanied him to the church where hundreds of faithful flocked to seek miracles also confessed that they have been facing tough times.

She introduced herself and reminded the pastor of what he had previously prophesied to her.

 "You prophesied to me concerning my husband and told me to bring him.”

“He lost property.”

“We lost everything and the property is very true.”

“I want to tell you I brought him and I hope our problems will be over from today," she told the man of God.

Here’s a video and photos of the former MP seeking divine intervention.


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