Tuesday October 22, 2019 - Phoebe Akinyi Gweno, who is said to have delivered Fidel Odinga's twins, has rejected a DNA test to be conducted on her children to determine whether they were part of Odinga’s lineage.

According to court documents, Akinyi said subjecting the twins to a DNA test will negatively affect the children physiologically and that she is not interested in late Fidel Odinga’s estate.

In the case, Opposition Chief Raila Odinga’s wife, Ida, and her daughter, Winnie, are seeking to block Fidel’s widow, Lwam Bekele, from solely administering her late husband’s estate.

They claimed that the late Fidel Odinga had other dependents and they should also receive a share of their late father’s estate.

But Bekele, through her lawyers, said she has no problem sharing the property if it is biologically proven that the twins were sired by the late Fidel Odinga.

Sources said the woman objected to a DNA test because she knew that the late Fidel Odinga was not the real father.

“She sired with someone else.”

“The guilty are always afraid,” said a source close to the Odingas.


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