Thursday October 31, 2019 - Wajir Women Representative, Fatuma Gedi, is once again in trouble after she was accused of conning a man Sh 1.8 million by promising to have sex with him and marry him.

The man, who was conned is Abdinoor Hassan, a driver to former Narok University Chancellor, Prof Mary Waringo.

Walingo and Hassan were suspended by the University’s board two months ago after Citizen TV’s expose “Mara Heist” where it emerged that they had stolen Sh 192 million from the University.

According to sources, Hassan who is now jobless accused Gedi of conning him Sh 1.8 million.

It all started when the duo met at a lavish restaurant in the city, where the man expressed her wish to bed her and marry "the daughter from Wajir".

The foolish man, who was swimming in money that was stolen from Mara University, asked Gedi what she wants from him in order to marry him.

Gedi, who is cunning like girls from Mt Kenya region, demanded a whooping Sh 1.8 million from the “millionaire driver”.

Blinded by his undying love for Gedi, Hassan deposited the money into Gedi’s bank account and that was the last time the lawmaker met Hassan.

Hassan is now demanding his money from Gedi or he makes more revelations about their short love affair.


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