Wednesday October 9, 2019 - Nairobi County Speaker, Beatrice Elachi, has revealed the man who wants her dead as power wrangles in City Hall continue.

Addressing journalists on Wednesday after chaos erupted at the assembly, Elachi claimed that it is Majority Leader, Abdi Hassan Guyo, who has sponsored the violence against her.

Elachi went on to say that MCAs from the ruling Jubilee Party had physically threatened to assault her as they damaged things in a bid to reach her.

“Well, we were just seated, the Majority Leader walked in, with a group of many people and they just started breaking everything, and then because they wanted to beat me, they threw teargas to confuse us.”

"In the morning, he went to a meeting and said if midday arrives and we have not thrown Elachi out, it will be very wrong, so he came wanting to do that.”

“If I die today, my family must hold Majority Leader responsible," She said.

She asked Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI), George Kinoti, to investigate Guyo since he wants to send her to her maker.

Elachi made a dramatic return to office on Wednesday after a Nairobi court reinstated her.

She has vowed to stay put and take charge of the assembly, despite alleged threats from a section of MCAs.


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