Monday October 14, 2019 - An editor of a world renowned tabloid, The Atlantic, has claimed that Eliud Kipchoge did not break any world record when he ran 42 kilometres in under two hours on Saturday.

Kipchoge, who ran in Vienna, Austria, clocked 1.59.40 becoming the first human to run a marathon of 42 kilometres in less than 2hours.

However, according to Paul Bisceglio, an Associate Editor of Atlantic Media House, Kipchoge ran the fastest time ever over the marathon distance, but did not 'run a marathon'.

"Such an extensive level of support, combined with the fact that Kipchoge wasn’t actually competing against anybody, pushed the event outside of official marathon conditions and prevented his performance from counting as a true record," Bisceglio said.

"The organisers were fully aware of this; the event, as Outside magazine aptly referred to it, is perhaps best understood as an “exhibition marathon”.

Bisceglio also said that the planning that went into the event was a fantasy of perfectionism.

“The planning that went into the event was a fantasy of perfectionism. The organizers scouted out a six-mile circuit along the Danube River that was flat, straight, and close to sea level.”

“Parts of the road were marked with the fastest possible route, and a car guided the runners by projecting its own disco-like laser in front of them to show the correct pace.”

“The pacesetters, a murderers’ row of Olympians and other distance stars, ran seven-at-a-time in a wind-blocking formation devised by an expert of aerodynamics.” he wrote.

“Kipchoge himself came equipped with an updated, still-unreleased version of Nike’s controversial Vaporfly shoes, which, research appears to confirm, lower marathoners’ times.”

“He had unfettered access to his favorite carbohydrate-rich drink, courtesy of a cyclist who rode alongside the group.”

“And the event’s start time was scheduled within an eight-day window to ensure the best possible weather.”

“The whole thing was as close as you can get to a mobile marathon spa treatment—if going to a spa were paired with the worst discomfort of your life.


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  1. Sour grapes, why don't we give you or any equivalent of Kip you may choose the same treatment and see how you fare? Kip is G.O.A.T period!

  2. Kindly challenge KIP before you open your mouth.
    Nice talk, Zero action.