Tuesday October 1, 2019 - Third Way Alliance party leader, Dr Ekuru Aukot, has attacked Deputy President William Ruto for claiming that the Punguza Mzigo Initiative has flopped

On Sunday, Ruto who was speaking in Vihiga County said the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) will flop like the Punguza Mzigo Initiative

But in a quick rejoinder on Monday, Aukot said that the latest debate by Ruto that the Bill has been rejected by Kenyans is pure malice.

"It is outright lies that the Bill has hit a dead end as claimed recently by the Deputy President," Aukot said.

Aukot said the bill has only been discussed in seven out of the 47 County Assemblies.

"We are shocked that a small group of insensitive leaders are out there lying in brought daylight and pouring out cold water on this pro-people initiative,"Aukot said.

Aukot said the intention of the bill is to bring development close to local Kenyans which he said is contrary to the current constitution.


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