Tuesday October 22, 2019 - Veteran politician, Koigi Wa Wamwere, has faulted local media outlets for referring to Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader as the Leader of Opposition.

Some media outlets and Kenyans have continued to associate the ex-Premier with the Opposition, despite his new close links with President Uhuru Kenyatta's Government.

According to Koigi, a former ally of Odinga, Raila is now a de facto co-President since joining Uhuru in running the nation.

"For now Raila is not being truthful when the papers refer to him as the Opposition leader.”

“He is a co-President and though he lacks the rights, he is there.”

“(Kwa sasa Raila hasemi ukweli anapoitwa kiongozi wa upinzani na magazeti. Yeye ni rais mwenza wa Uhuru. Japo hana haki, yuko pale)," he said.

He said the nation has been rendered defenseless from the claws of the Government, since the Opposition seems crippled, following Raila's exit.

The former Subukia MP stressed on the need for Kenyans to admit that they have been left defenseless, and cease clinging on a person who seems to have abandoned them.

"Kenyans must admit that they want an Opposition, for now there isn't (Lazima wananchi wakubali wanataka upinzani, kwa sasa hakuna)," he added.


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