Divorce spell

When you take the oath before the alter, we promise to stick to our partner for better or for worse. But at times, unfortunately, the sacred bond does not turn out to be the way we had deemed. We all have heard of scary stories of marriages turning bitter and in such situations, the divorce spells are the ones that you want.

There are 3 main types of divorce spells. One of them is the one that will help you to attain the divorce from your spouse. If the married life has become unbearable, it’s best to terminate the bond and look for a better life ahead. The maxim of life is to stay “Happily married” and not just simply married- if the bond does not suit you, you have every right to break free. But then, sometimes the spouse does not want to give the divorce even after several pleas and requests. In that case, you can take help of the divorce spell to get rid of it.

Another type of divorce spell is the one which enables you to break the marriage between two people. But be careful, please do not cast it on a happily married couple. According to the Wiccan rules, whatever you do comes back to you 3 folds and that includes both the good & bad deeds. So, if you intend to break up a happily married couple, you are going to face serious consequences. You should only cast the divorce spell in case it’s an unhappy and tragic bonding- such as that of a marriage between a nice girl and a hooligan or between an old man & a young lady or when one of the spouses is really unworthy of staying married to.

The third kind of divorce spell is the one that helps you to prevent divorces. At times, even when the spouses are deeply in love, the romance goes awry given some stupid mistakes and petty misunderstanding- leading to unwanted painful divorces. But even then, you will find the divorce spells handy that will enable you to stop the marital disharmony and bring back the sweet pleasures of a happily married life. You can cast the spell to prevent your divorce or that of a friend.

Added to these 3 main divorce spells, there is another sort of divorce spell which will help you in your court proceedings. Divorce is an elaborate affair and with all the court proceedings it gets even more complicated. There are so many things to discuss- assets, debts, properties, children and so on. Often times, one of the spouses seem to unmindful harass the other spouse demanding irrational shares regarding child custody or asset distribution. If you or any of your friends is passing through a similar tragic situation, you can out an end to all such woes through the divorce spell & get the case in your favor.

However, it must be stressed here that divorce spells need a good lot of concentration and belief from the spell caster. Besides, make sure that you chant the spells right.

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