Saturday, October 19, 2019-Controversial Citizen TV anchor, Lillian Muli, exchanged kicks and blows with her community husband’s side-dish during a recent trip to Dubai.

For those who have been following the anchor’s social media pages, you must have noticed that she was recently in Dubai.

The Kenyan DAILY POST is reliably informed that the controversial TV girl took an off from work and followed her community husband  Jared Nevaton to Dubai where he had gone for a business trip, fearing that he might secretly sneak out of the country with an air-hostess who is said to be a side-dish  of the wealthy Kisii businessman.

Apparently, the hot-blooded Kisii man is madly in love with the air-hostess and he is just tolerating Lillian Muli because they have sired a kid together.

Snoops whispered to us that the wealthy businessman  turned down Lillian Muli’s request to open her a  spa business in Kilimani and instead  opened the spa business for the air-hostess side-dish.

This is what led the scandalous TV girl to dump Jared through social media, calling him a community husband after she found out that he had opened the spa business for his side-dish.

Well placed sources informed us that  things turned ugly recently  after Lillian Muli and her community husband’s side-dish came face to face in Dubai.

The incidence happened after Lillian confronted her community husband’s side-dish and accused her of trying to wreck her home.

The air-hostess  side-dish who was in the line of duty when she unexpectedly  bumped into Lillian Muli  exchanged kicks, blows and slaps with the controversial TV girl  in the presence of Jared Nevaton.

Some snoops have promised us the videos of the cat fight between Lillian Muli and her community husband’s side-dish and we will post them here once they land in our desk.

We are also informed that Jared Nevaton has sired a kid with the air-hostess who is giving Lillian Muli sleepless nights.


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