Thursday, October 17, 2019 - It has now been confirmed that local comedian, Eric Omondi, is the biological father to Jacque Maribe’s son.

Initially, it was thought that Dennis Itumbi was the man behind Jacque Maribe’s pregnancy.
Omondi posted a photo hanging out with Jacque Maribe and their handsome son, Zahari, during his graduation, proving to the world that he is the father to the young boy.

Itumbi, who has been friend-zoned by the controversial TV girl as he desperately tries to woo her, took to his facebook page and wrote,

“Congratulations - The Omondi's.
Zahari's graduation is a great statement of your solid guidance.
May your bond last for an eternity and more.
To both of you my friends, God's blessings!
Bishop na pia President walisema, "Wanaosema, wacha waseme!
Au sio?

However, Kenyans have questioned whether Itumbi’s message to Eric Omondi and Jacque Maribe is genuine.

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