Sunday, October 13, 2019- MC Tricky’s girlfriend, Asha, is back to her ratchet behaviours, prompting questions whether she has broken up with the popular comedian.

Before Asha started dating the popular Churchill Show comedian , she used to splash nudes on Instagram that left little to imagination.

Horny men would flood her timeline to quench their  thirst with the delicious photos.

However, MC Tricky spoilt the party for  “Team Mafisi” after she proposed to the struggling socialite and engaged her, prompting her to change her ratchet behaviours.

At some point, he even introduced her to his relatives back in the village.

Asha deleted all the ratchet photos that she used to post on her instagram  page  and turned into a motivational speaker.

However, she has gone back to her ratchet behaviours.
On Sunday 13th October as men were battling the cold weather, she paraded her naked buttocks on her Instagram page  and promised that more steamy stuff is on the way.

“You are in for some great work from this girl. Buckle up.” She said after splashing this juicy photo showing off her buttocks.

The Kenyan  DAILY POST

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