Saturday, October 12, 2019- Everyday, we try to beat the bookies at their own game by predicting the outcome of several football matches.

We have carefully selected 9 games from which you can make good money.

See the tips below and play responsibly.

ES2 (13:00) Girona v Elche -1Here>>>

ES2 (17:00) Almeria v Lugo -1

EQ (19:00) Bosnia & Herzegovina v Finland -1

EQ (19:00) Denmark v Switzerland -1x

EQ (19:00) Faroe Islands v Romania -2

EQ (21:45) Italy v Greece-1Here>>>

EQ (21:45) Liechtenstein v Armenia -2

EQ (21:45) Malta v Sweden -2

EQ (21:45) Norway v Spain -2 Here>>>

Good Luck


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