Wednesday October 23, 2019-Health CS Sicily Kariuki on Tuesday blamed Kenyans for their own poor health.

Kariuki noted that Kenyans needed to take responsibility for their own health in order to save the government and themselves extra costs.

She further stated that Kenyans needed to ensure that they attended regular health check-ups to ensure any underlying conditions are arrested early before complications arise.

Kariuki further lamented about the quality of foods consumed by most Kenyans, sounding an alarm of over the extent processed foods had permeated the Kenyan food market.

"Not long ago while on duty in different countries I noted that you can’t find table salt on the tables," she added.

The CS turned her attention to smokers and drinkers as she claimed both were direct and major contributors to the scourge of cancer in the country.

She also waded into the critical topic of sexually-transmitted infections and the suggestion that many Kenyans were yet to fully grasp the need and strategies to protect themselves.


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