Wednesday October 23, 2019-The rejection of Punguza Mizigo at the county assemblies is not the end of the push to deliver Kenyans from their troubles.

In a statement on Wednesday, The Thirdway Alliance Party, under the leadership of Ekuru Aukot, said it will not abandon the push, adding that it has put up a legal and technical team which is already working on the second phase of the Bill.

"We have therefore, heeded the public call and we have now put together a team of legal and technical experts who have started work on Punguza Mizigo phase II, which will be enriched with the views collected from the county assemblies and other new proposals from the public," the party's statement read in part.

The party said it will explore all available means at its disposal to ensure that Punguza Mizigo initiative is implemented in Kenya sooner rather than later.

"These problems still exist among us and it is for this reason that we have not abandoned Punguza Mizigo. Punguza Mizigo Kenya is a reality we must confront now and not in the future," it further reads.



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  1. i think Aukot should do think another way to push for PUNGUZA MZIGO because everyone in the grass-roots IS FOR PUNGUZA MZIGO INITIATIVE SUKUMA KWA NGUVU EKURU AUKOT TUTAKUSAIDIA We are really feeling the burden of 3 trillion budget -