Thursday, October 31, 2019 - This video showing the moment armed thugs were upstaged by their would-be victim is going viral on social media.

From the video, the thugs in a white Mercedes Benz had trailed the white guy who was on his bike and pulled up just outside his residence.

However, they got a rude shock just as they were about to execute their plan as the guy they wanted to rob happened to be strapped and he drew his gun and fired a few shots forcing them to flee.

Speaking over the incident, the guy who didn’t want his identity revealed said:

“They then came past in the white Mercedes, I thought it was neighbors or visitors to a few houses down from me,”

“The guy with a pistol in his hand got out, when I saw the gun, I knew it was a robbery, I drew mine and started firing. They then sped away.”

This incident happened in South Africa.

This is yet another example why it’s better for good guys with guns to outnumber bad guys with guns.

Watch the video below.

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