Saturday, October 12, 2019-A CCTV footage has depicted the moment when the ill-fated Toyota Isis car sunk in the Indian Ocean on September 29th around 6.13PM after sliding off a ferry and claimed the lives of  4 year old Amanda and her mother Mariam Kigheda.

Before the car plunged into the ocean, Amanda was seen in the retrieved CCTV footage playing on her mother’s lap on the driver’s seat.

They were both in a jovial mood and the car’s engine had not been switched off.

Shortly after, the ill-fated car’s lights flickered to indicate danger and suddenly,  it jerked backwards.

From the footage, the ill fated car was the last on the prow of the ferry.

The car was retrieved on Friday evening after 13 days search conducted by Kenya Navy officers and private divers from South Africa.

The bodies of  Mariam and her daughter were found at the back-seat in a tight embrace.


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