Wednesday October 16, 2019-ODM Communications Director, Philip Etale, has spilled beans on the occurrences that took place in Ganda Ward, Kilifi County, before the shooting Gumbao Jola, an uncle to Reuben Katana, ODM's candidate for the ward by-election.

In a statement posted on his social media pages, the communication director stated that Gumbao was shielding his nephew when the incident took place.

"He died shielding his nephew from the vicious and fire breathing Aisha, who was shouting and chanting all manner of adjectives (unprintable to be precise).”

"The shaken candidate and his agents had to cut short the training session when gunshots rendered the air," he narrated.

Etale further stated that Jumwa allegedly punched Magarini MP Kingi Michael Thoyah and attempted to wrestle him.

"She was in a fighting mood. She wanted to make good the threats she made last weekend at a funeral," he added.


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  1. evil bitch...kuma la mamake kuma maji maji....shenziiiiiii

  2. Aisha Jumwa used to be a very good leader untill she met Sugoi man from whom she pertakes the ill-gotten wealth that make her feel she is above the law.Human life is very important that even if one wants to please their masters should not go to that length.Let the dead get justice.