Meshack lives in Kitale and three weeks ago he found his house broken into and all his assets stolen. Friends and relatives told him to report to the police but Meshack had a totally different idea…he did this.

“I am a staunch Christian but Christianity has limits too.My daughter was graduating and I had to attend her graduating ceremony in Nairobi. I told my wife to accompany me and that forced us to close the house and only leave the dogs to take care of the compound.

We took a bus in Kitale early in the morning and arrived in Nairobi at 3 pm.We found our daughter at Railways Nairobi and we boarded a matatu to Rogai.We spent the night at Rongai and preceded to her graduation the following morning.

The ceremony ended at 3.15 pm and since no one was at home to take care of the house, we boarded a bus and went home.the shock we got almost left my wife paralyzed. 

Immediately we arrived, we found the main gate door broken. We sensed something sinister must have happened. My wife suggested I call Wekesa to accompany us but I said I am a man,I can face anyone.

As I approached the entrance door of our house,I was shocked the door was wide open.That was the time reality hit on me that something bad had happened. I went straight to the sitting room and the only thing I found was our old sofa set—the TV,Radio and everything ,even plates have been stolen.I went to kitchen and the shock was of great magnitude. All I have labored for are gone.

I blew a whistle and my wife screamed as neighbours trooped to my compound. We explained to them what had happened and even tried to inquire from some whether they saw anyone. Nobody confirmed they saw anyone. Most of them gave me a suggestion to go and report to the police. But seeing what had happened to my neighbor who had experienced the same few months before,I decided not to go that route and instead sought the help of a traditional doctor. In the village I heard there was a man who had helped people recover their property or stolen money but I didn’t have the contacts.

It took me three days to get the contact of Dr Mugwenu.The contacts are:

Phone number: +254740637248

Email address: mugwenudoctors@gmail.com

It’s my aunt who gave me the contacts.

When I called him,he told me to come to Nairobi where we met and then travelled to my village together.

After he poured some concoction in the entire compound he told me to wait for three days to see the outcome. True to his words, on Wednesday morning while I was waking up to check on my cows, I found Masinde,my cousin standing still at the gate while scratching his back vigorously.I asked him, what is the problem, he didn’t reply but when I looked at his back,Alas,my TV was stuck at the back and Masinde was begging for forgiveness.

I thank Dr Mugwenu for his support.I urge you to call him on +254740637248 if someone has stolen anything from you.

CALL - +254740637248 



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