Wednesday September 25, 2019-The widow of slain Dutch tycoon, Tob Cohen, Sarah Wairimu, has vowed to fight back and seek justice for the brutal murder of her husband.

Speaking on Tuesday after attending the burial of her husband at Jewish Cemetery in Nairobi, Wairimu, who is the chief suspect in the murder, accused some of Cohen’s friends and family members of pretending to be innocent yet they were guilty.

“I am not scared of anybody. One thing Tob taught me is not to take No for an answer. So even in this, I’m going to fight. And even as we stand here many of the ones who are responsible for Tob’s death here in sheep skin… believe you me your days are also numbered,” Sarah said.

 Wairimu also blamed the family of Tob Cohen over the murder of her husband.

“There are family members who are purporting and even pretending to be family but yours is another story… I was not a secret. Everybody knows Sarah. I’m known as Sarah Tob’s… and now more so, everybody knows all my names,” she said.

 Tob Cohen went missing on July 19th but 42 days later his body was found inside a septic tank in his Kitisuru home.

 During that time, Sarah,who is currently detained at Langata Women’s Prison, claimed Cohen went for a golf trip in Thailand.


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