Tuesday September 24, 2019-Fast rising political analyst, Dennis Anyonka, has urged Deputy President William Ruto not to celebrate of a win in Central Kenya as claimed by many political analysts.

Ruto has been on a charm offensive to win over the region lately, which has resulted in him winning over a good number of area leaders, who have been repeatedly endorsed his bid.

Appearing on Radio Maisha’s Bunge La Maisha on Monday, Onyonka said that the region has been voting as a block, and since it’s currently divided into two, there are chances that it might reunite to chart a way forward ahead of the polls.

"It's still early. Central Kenya has been voting as a block, it will be the first time to get a vote out of the region or to divide it (Central Kenya wamekuwa wakipiga kura kama block, itakuwa mara ya kwanza kutoka na kura chache pale ama kuwagawanya)," Onyonka said.

The analyst further observed that the fact that the DP is enjoying backing from the group politicians cannot be translated to mean that the situation is the same on the ground.


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