Tuesday, September 16, 2019- City businessman and cancer warrior, Dr. Chris Kirubi, has for the first time opened up on his battle with cancer and appealed to Kenyans to go for cancer screening early enough to increase their chances of beating the dreaded monster.

The prominent businessman who had been battling Colon cancer states that the disease is curable if detected in its early stages.

 “I would like to appeal to our people to go check their status, you need to go to check your status… Cancer is not devastating if it’s discovered early. We need to make sure that if you have a cancer attack, it is discovered in the first or second stage. By that time it is possible to cure it,” he said.

However, Kirubi noted that a cancer diagnosis can be very devastating for the person who is receiving the news.

“Do not allow cancer to get to the third, fourth stage because it becomes very difficult for doctors to cure us. I would like all our members to survive and that’s why I’m appealing, as one of the victims, to you to make sure that you do not have to undergo a major cancer attack,” said Kirubi in a video shared by Capital FM YouTube channel.

The business mogul spent the better part of 2018 in undisclosed hospital in the US undergoing treatment for cancer.

The treatment took a toll on his body and when he made his first public appearance in mid-2018, he had lost a lot of weight but was high in spirits.

The flamboyant businessman says he has successfully won the battle against cancer and wants to show people that cancer can be cured.

 “I would like you to think of me, to see me as a reminder that cancer can be cured and I want you to believe in it by taking care of it. I believe the doctors are available in the rural areas and you just have to make an effort to check your blood. Ask the doctor to profile your blood for cancer cells,” said Kirubi.

“If you do that, you will live for a long time.” he asserted.

Kirubi is one of the richest Kenyan businessmen with various investments among them Two Rivers Mall (via Centum), Haco Industries and Capital Group Limited that owns Capital FM.

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