Diabetes is one of the terminal diseases and if one is not serious on treatment, it might kill them. Many people visit hospitals for treatment whenever they are diagnosed with diabetes, but there are individuals who prefer traditional approaches. Few decades ago, hospitals were few and modern medicine was not as advanced as it now but people still got cured from serious ailments by traditional means.

Nowadays, despite having numerous hospitals, treatment for diabetes has been a challenge to many.

To be honest, not many patients died of cancer, diabetes or asthma because traditional medicine was effective. Nowadays, despite having numerous hospitals, treatment for cancer and diabetes is a challenge.

However, there are many cases of diabetes patients who get cured from traditional medicine, like Alice from Kerugoya who recently shared her testimony with us. "I believe it’s God’s grace that I am alive. In 2014 while working, something unusual happened to me. I started going for a short call a record 10 times. This was abnormal. After some time, I informed my workmate but she kept on insisting that I was taking too much tea or water.

Apart from making numerous trips to the toilet, I started feeling lazy, very hungry and extreme fatigue and concentration at work dropped," boss even summoned me to explain my performance which has sharply dwindled," Alice opened the conversation. The problem persisted for a while before Alice gathered courage to go for screening. She matched to a Nairobi hospital where she was diagnosed with diabetes. After tests, I saw the doctor come to me but her face proved to me all was not well. He ushered me into his room and told me on my face broke the news to be.

He nonetheless told me all was not lost since there was medication to manage the condition," she stated. All she wanted to hear was that she will be healed, the following day but the medic hinted that the condition was advancing fast. She started medication though she was not pleased with the drugs and the crazy diet she was subjected to. Though, her condition improved she never healed. This disturbed her to an extent she started seeking a second opinion.

"While I was reading a story of a man who was diagnosed with the same condition and was unable to perform in bed, I stumbled on contacts of Dr Mugwenu, the traditional herbalist who came to his rescue," the woman continued. According to the man, his wife had left him for a watchman after realising her conjugal rights could not be fulfilled. The herbalist's contacts were: Phone number:  +254740637248 Email address: mugwenudoctors@gmail.com Website:  www.mugwenudoctors.com

One day, Alice said enough was enough. She called her mother and discussed with her about the condition. Later, after booking an appointment, the medicine man told her to visit his office for checkup; a request she honoured. Dr Mugwenu, the traditional herbalist who has came to rescue of many patients suffering diabetes among other diseases.

After being checked, Mugwenu supplied her with herbal medicine that he said had worked on several other patients. Though with some mild side effects, the herbal medicine worked like a charm. Alice said that change was gradual and months after, the disease was totally expunged from her system. "After taking it for 3 weeks, I started noticing a change, my urine started becoming colourless. I was not sweating profusely anymore and fatigue was reduced.

In 2017 I gathered courage to go to the hospital and just out of curiosity, I went for the same diabetic test. The results came negative confirming that Daktari Mugwenu's herbs had saved my life.That day I called Dr Mugwenu to thank him. I even gave him KSh 10,000 as a token of appreciation. I now believe traditional drugs heal," she concluded. How to contact Daktari Mugwenu Phone number: +254740637248 Email address: mugwenudoctors@gmail.com Website: www.mugwenudoctors.com

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