Why Kenyans Love Sports

If you have ever visited Kenya, you probably know the love the locals have for sports. In Kenya, the youth grow up playing cricket, football, rugby, field hockey, volleyball, swimming, basketball, and handball. Kenyans are known for their high level of athleticism, which is mostly contributed to their active lifestyles. But, the question remains why do Kenyans love sports. Find the answer in the article below.
Middle Income Country

Contrary to belief, Kenya is classified as a “middle-income country”. This classification has been contributed to the extremely fast-growing middle class. While the country is still developing, it is becoming widely known for its growing economy. The country exports a broad range of products, including refined petroleum, legumes, coffee, cut flowers, and tea.
Many countries purchase goods from Kenya, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. The United States alone purchased $537 million of goods from Kenya in 2017.

Like the United States, the middle-class society enjoys playing and watching sports. In fact, many of the professional sports players are members of the middle class.

Professional Sports Idols

Many young Kenyans idolize the professional athletes who come from their country. There are professionals sports players who specialize in high jumps, hurdles, javelin throwing, marathon running, long-distance running, racewalking, and cross country running. These athletes are both male and female.

Joan Jepkorir Aiyabei, Florence Barsosio, Alice Chelangat, Faith Chemutai, Lydia Stephens, Alexander Kiprotich, Julius Yego, Joseph Leresae, and Mathew Sawe is just a few of the athletes who were born and raised in Kenya.

Tropical Climate

Kenya has a tropical climate, with sunshine throughout most of the years. Generally, Kenyans wear summer clothing all year long. With just beautiful weather, it is no wonder why the locals spend most of their time outdoors. During the months of June and August, many of the locals can be seen wearing a jacket because the temperatures can drop down into the single digits.

Living in a tropical climate has many advantages. You can spend more time outdoors, gardening, window shopping, walking, and playing sports. From February to October when it is not raining, many Kenyans spend their time outdoors.

Unique Body Features

Experts believe that Kenyans make great runners because of their unique bone structure and body mass index. With such a high level of athleticism, Kenyans spend a big portion of their time playing sports. Their longer legs, more slender limbs, and short torsos allow them to outperform other runners of different nationalities in track meets.


Kenyans are like other nationalities, they desire to be entertained. During their downtime, they enjoy hiking, camping, watching movies, bicycling, going on road trips, playing sports, canoeing, horseback riding, and family activities. When the kids are not in school, they will gather in groups to play sports while the adults watch sporting events on the tube.
Fort entertainment, Kenyans watch kickboxing, mixed martial arts, Shorin Ryu karate, taekwondo, judo, and Mantis Kenpo. All of which are enjoyed by both the young and old. Some Kenyans even enjoy online gaming at websites like Sbobet88.

Part Of Kenyan Culture

Sport is a big part of the Kenyan Culture. Traditional sports, such as racing exercises, wrestling, stick fighting, and hunting with bows and arrows and spears, dates back to the country's earliest history. While these sports are still enjoyed today, Kenya has moved toward more modern sports, such as rugby union, motorsports, field hockey, cricket, table tennis, badminton, chess, horse riding, weightlifting, and archery.


Contrary to belief, Kenyans are family-oriented. While the women spend the biggest portion of their day caring for their young ones, cooking, washing and doing housework, the men work and perform other daily duties. But, there is always time for family. Sports are comprised of various family-friendly activities. After the household chores and work is done, families gather around for some recreational physical activities.


Kenyans are known for their friendly attitudes and athleticism. The kids enjoy learning, spending time with friends, and sports. The adults enjoy eating, spending time with family, and watching sports live on on the tube. If they are not watching cricket, they are watching kickboxing, basketball, or baseball. In Kenya, children grow up idolizing athletics like Lornah Kiplagat, Hilda Kibet, Rajesh Bhudia, Sylvia Jebiwott Kibet, and Pauline Konga.

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