Friday September 13, 2019 - Third Way Alliance party leader, Dr Ekuru Aukot, has attacked National Super Alliance (NASA) leader, Raila Odinga, and Kirinyaga Governor, Anne Waiguru, for lying to Kenyans about the Punguza Mzigo Initiative.

Addressing the press on Thursday, Aukot said some leaders like Anne Waiguru are forcing Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) to reject the Bill, yet they have not even read it to understand its contents.

“As the debate on the PMB gains its own momentum, especially with growing support from members of the public and the County Assemblies, it is very unfortunate that it has also been hijacked by a group of the political class who have told blatant lies about the Bill.”

“These leaders have, at the very outset, failed the integrity test. We also note that the lies they are telling is out of sheer ignorance of the contents of the Bill,” Aukot said

Aukot pointed out that so far, the Bill has been tabled in 21 County Assemblies urging members not to be intimidated by self-centered leaders.

Aukot insisted that he Bill is aimed at improving the lives of ordinary Kenyans.

“There has been a lot of intimidation and allegations of bribery of MCAs.”

“It is in this respect that we remind all Kenyans and MCAs in particular of their duties as follows: To the Constitution; Article 185: to represent, legislate, oversight; Article 73: Leadership and Integrity requires that leaders offer service to the people and commitment and loyalty to the service of the people.”

“MCAs have no duty and obligation under the constitution and statutes is not to their party leaders or even political party.”

“Their obligation is to serve and represent their electorate,” he stated.


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