Monday September 16, 2019 - Political analyst and lawyer, Wahome Thuku, has slammed Mt Kenya region voters over what he calls unnecessary fear of a Raila Odinga presidency.

The ODM leader has had four unsuccessful attempts for the presidency, claiming victory both in 2007, 2013 and 2017 fiercely contested polls.

Although he enjoys fanatical support across the country, Raila has often fared badly in Mt Kenya region.

Currently, he's working closely with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

But according to Thuku, the reason behind the Kikuyu community’s 'bad attitude' towards Raila is trivial and unjustifiable.

He says the community is in a non-existent ideological competition with Luos.

"Reason being Raila would not have a basis on which to do it.”

“The Luo and Kikuyu are not in any economic competition but merely ideological.”

“The reason we fear a Raila Presidency is what we reduce into comical imagery, that Luos will brag and force us to wear vinyasa," he argues.

According to him, Raila Odinga's Government will have more Kikuyus than a Government formed by Deputy President William Ruto, who has increased his forays to Mt Kenya.

Thuku, a critic of Deputy President William Ruto, says the DP would antagonise the Mt Kenya community should he succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2022.

"I can bet my blood that if you opened Ruto's mind right now, he already has a clear plan on how he will execute a Gîkûyû economic extermination.”

“It is not about how, it's about when.”

"And it's not just a plan he has, it's a plan he has shared out internally.”

“The Kalenjin and the Gîkûyû have so much interests in the Rift Valley that awaits to be taken over at the appropriate time," he adds.


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  1. Nonsense, Raila has no chance against Ruto.