Friday, September 6, 2019 - A few years back, Vanessa Chettle, was one of the most sought after socialites in Nairobi.

She used to headline events in high end clubs in Nairobi and hang out with who is who in the showbiz industry.

The petite socialite was on high demand and every sponsor in Nairobi wanted to sleep with her.

However, things have changed after the once famous socialite was misused and dumped by sponsors.

Vanessa, who is now a single mother of two, was forced to go back up-country in Eldoret after life in the city became hard.

These days, she is regularly spotted in low end clubs in Eldoret and miraa chewing joints looking ashy.

She is no longer the sexy Vanessa who used to give Nairobi men sleepless nights.

The high end socialite who has slept with top Kenyan celebrities is dating a low life guy, the type of men she used to despise back then when she was the hottest lady in town.

She can no longer afford expensive wigs and high end life that she was used to.

Check out her latest photos and the guy she is dating.


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