Sunday September 15, 2019-President Uhuru Kenyatta has once again put Kenya on the map after he was cheered by ZANU PF members during the burial of former Zimbabwe President, Robert Joseph Mugabe, in Harare on Saturday.

Mugabe, 95, died last week after a long battle with illness in a Singapore hospital. His death came almost two years after his ouster by army.

When he rose to address, Uhuru was cheered by ZANU-PF supporters who had turned up to pay their last respect to Mugabe.

“The late Comrade Mugabe was an embodiment of the Pan-African spirit, offering immeasurable assistance and solidarity to many other African countries in their struggles to end colonial rule and apartheid,” Uhuru said.

“As African leaders, we should continue to champion African interests as an enduring tribute to the late Comrade Mugabe and other departed icons of the African political and economic liberation struggle,” Uhuru added.

While battling cases against humanity at The Hague, Uhuru had Dr Mugabe defending him vehemently as AU chairman by then.

But the crowd turned chaotic and unreceptive when South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa was given a chance to mourn his former neighbour.

The mourners jeered Ramaphosa in reference to recent cases of xenophobic attacks in his country. He was however forced to apologise to the crowd.


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