Monday September 30, 2019-Deputy President William Ruto has warned that any attempts to change the Constitution without involving common mwananchi will fail terribly.

Speaking in Vihiga County when he attended a church function at Kidundu and helped in fundraising for several churches, Ruto said that it is high time politicians learnt from the Ekuru Aukot's Punguza Mizigo Bill that has received resistance from many county assemblies.

On Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), Ruto said Kenyans will reject the initiative because it is not involving Kenyans.

“Politicians have perfected the art of sitting in high-end hotels and offices to legislate for the people, but people have become cleverer now. It is not possible to use shortcuts to change the Constitution,” he said.

“Time has come when we cannot continue sitting in isolation and discussing how we shall share power among ourselves. It is unreasonable,” Ruto said.


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