Sunday September 22,2019-Renowned political analyst, Prof Herman Manyora, has warned NASA leader Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta against any plan that will seek to grab power from Deputy President William Ruto, just in case the latter emerges the winner beyond any doubt.

In his You tube channel dubbed Take it or leave it , Manyora, who is a university of Nairobi don, claimed that both Uhuru and Raila had sacrificed the Kibra seat for their political goal come 2022 General Elections.

However, Manyora cautioned the two leaders against any political foul play against Ruto saying the DP cannot be easily compromised.

“If Raila and Uhuru go to the ballot in 2022 elections they will have to beat Ruto convincingly. They must have a clear win against Ruto because Ruto is not Raila Odinga"

“You will not take Ruto’s victory. You will not snatch it from him. For them to achieve their dream they have to crack the hard nut that is William Ruto,” said Manyora.


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  1. What a day dreamer? Who lied to you that you're going to be the next president? Wake up and open your eyes