Top Stories From Around Kenya

It doesn’t matter if you are paying a first-time visit to Kenya or you are a current resident of the great country, there are without a doubt plenty of exciting things that you can take advantage of Not only this, but there are always tons of exciting things going on. It pays to be in touch with the most current events so that you can be prepared for any situation. Whether it is election time or you are just trying to find what areas are currently having turmoil, there is simply no better place to uncover this information than the Internet. Just check out these latest stories and you will be able to stay ahead of the current event in Kenya.

Rare Zebra

There is simply no denying that Kenya is a breeding ground for the weird and wild when it comes to wildlife. The environment and the air alone are just breeding ground for some of the world’s wildest and craziest creatures. Just look at the rare polka-dotted baby zebra that was recently discovered in the country. Not only was it discovered, but the photographer was able to capture some epic pictures. In Kenya, most residents are used to seeing those zebras with traditional black and white stripes. The reasoning behind the polka-dots is some rare genetic mutation. The zebra was discovered in the Savannah of the Maasai Mara and was spotted by wildlife photographer Frank Liu. He did manage to capture some striking photos and videos of the zebra alongside its stripped parents.

School Collapses

On to more sullen news, it seems that a school has collapsed killing at least seven students. Many of the locals can be seen standing in front of the site with downed hearts and sad looks on their faces. It seems that it wasn’t even quite 7 in the morning yet and the students at the Precious Talent Top School were already in class. They had all made an effort to come early so that they could prep for the National tests that are coming up very soon. It seems that there was nothing off about this day in particular. In fact, it was just another beautiful day in the capital. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case at all. It was only a few minutes later and the entire private school would go up in a pile of rubble, leaving seven fatally wounded.

Dozens more were injured in the incident and several sixth and seventh graders were left traumatized after being trapped in the rubble for hours on in. As of right now, the reasoning behind the collapse is unclear, but the tragedy certainly raises questions about Kenya’s enforcement of building codes.

Kenya To Build Utility-Scale Solar Power

Any avid gambler or anyone that bets at idn poker probably already knows that there is a great future for solar energy. It doesn’t take a genius to see that this kind of alternative energy is not only saving energy companies a bundle of money, but it is making the plant an all-around greener environment. And, this is just one of the many reasons that the country of Kenya is looking to expand its solar power. They are currently looking at undertaking two utility-scale projects. These two projects alone will supply about 300,000 of the nation’s home. Not only will they supply them, but they will be supplying them with greener and safer energy.

The European bank was quoted saying that this could be anywhere from a $100 to $150 million undertaking. Not only this, but the European trade blocs lender is co-funding the plants along with the Dutch bank.

Is Kenya The New Wall Street?

Most people don’t really understand just how prosperous Kenya is or at least how prosperous it could be. Just look at how they are now ranked fifth in investment returns. This risk-reward index was based on four different underlying factors. This was the economic growth forecasts, the economic size, structure of the country, and the demographics. It seems that Kenya hit right in the sweet spot because they are projected to have one of the biggest economic growths coupled with a wide barrage of investment opportunities where this economic growth is strong.

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