Monday September 30, 2019 - President Uhuru Kenyatta is reportedly blaming former Attorney General, Prof Githu Muigai, over the ongoing maritime dispute between Kenya and Somalia.

According to sources close to the matter, Uhuru is of the opinion that the matter should have been dealt with in 2014 when Somalia wanted out of court negotiations.

But Githu Muigai postponed the matter and now it is before the International Court of Justice.

This appears to have put the nail on any move to have the case settled outside the court.

“I think we showed signs of naivety at the beginning.”

“There are people who felt that it was time to make money rather than pursue the interest of the country,” said the source.

Prof Githu Muigai, who is a law lecturer at University of Nairobi, is among few Government officers who neglected the Somali maritime dispute in 2014 and is now a global issue which is being discussed at the United Nations and other global forums.

 “Yes Prof Githu Muigai messed the President and that is the reason he is not happy with him,” said a source familiar with the case.


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