Thursday September 26, 2019-Deputy President William Ruto once proposed to build a mansion for his parents but they declined.

Speaking during a past interview, Ruto’s mother, Sarah Cheruiyot, revealed the reason for the decision to reject Ruto’s offer to build them a decent house. 

According to her, education was more important than lifestyle and when her son went to her with the plan to build a state-of-the-art home she declined. 

Instead, she asked the DP to direct the money towards his siblings' education.

"We did not see the need for a big house then as we were satisfied with what we had. Our concern was education," Sarah told the reporters. 

After persistent requests, Ruto’s parents ceded ground and let him build a simple modern house for them. 

Sarah further noted that there were rumours that despite Ruto’s success, his family lived in a shady home but that did not bother his mother. 

"When he announced that he was running for a parliamentary seat, his opponents sent people to our home to see how we lived.”

“Many confessed that they had been told we lived in a grass thatched house," she explained.


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