Wednesday September 4, 2019 - Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko underwent an intense 10-hour grilling session yesterday at the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC).

This is after he was summoned by the commission to answer questions concerning multimillion garbage collection and disposal tenders awarded to 13 firms by City Hall.

He revealed that the interrogation mainly centered on concerns raised by the environment committee about firms that got tenders without proper qualifications.

He further maintained that most of the questions were on procurement and that he was questioned as the person who is largely in-charge of the city county.

“As county boss, I don’t sit in the procurement committee and I’m not the accounting officer but I have the general responsibility for my officers,” asserted Sonko.

Sonko also informed EACC officials that when he learnt of the select committee’s concerns, he blacklisted the companies and stopped any payments due to them as well as suspending the Environment Chief Officer, who is the accounting officer of the sector, together with the then environment executive and the former County Secretary.

He insisted that he had no control over procurement.

“That is being done by procurement officers and accounting officers but I stamped my authority once I heard of the matters raised by relieving from duty the concerned officers,” he highlighted.

He also assured residents that he was not under probe.

“I’m not under investigation, but I was summoned as the boss of the county to come and shed light.

"It took us two hours to record the statements as I was responding to each of the 13 queries, but it took too long as I was waiting for officers, who were supposed to take a statement from me,” disclosed the Governor.

Sonko arrived at Integrity Centre early in the morning at 6 a.m. and left in the evening at around 4 p.m.


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