Monday September 2, 2019-At the height of 2017 post-election violence, a stressed Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang'i started shuttle diplomacy to reconcile the protagonist, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga.

With most responsibilities placed in his office, Matiang'i was in charge of police officers, some who were accused of extra-judicial killings in which Kenyan Human Rights Commission put the death toll at 33.

As a church elder, the powerful minister, even though he put a brave face in public, sought help from experienced politicians and church elders on how to calm the situation.

In his mind, details have emerged, Matiang'i plotted on how he will first talk to his boss, Uhuru, who in return would reach out to Raila Odinga for reconciliation.

One of the people he solicited for audience was Kisii Senator Sam Ongeri, an experienced politician who had then won heart of Mr Odinga, despite their bitter past.

Just along Gatanga Road, Matiang'i drove to Ongeri's residence for an all important meeting, whose details were to be revealed to the Head of State.

"Matiang'i is a peace loving man. When Kenya was at flames, he drove to my house to seek an advice on how we could reconcile Raila and Uhuru," Ongeri said on Friday at Nyanturago as Matiang'i nodded.

"I asked him to go and tell Uhuru that in few days, the country will be no more. I also assured him that I will reach to Raila so that the two urgently meet for reconciliation," he added.

Unknown to the two, few hours before they reached out to the two principals, they were shocked to see them standing on Harambee House stairs announcing ceasefire.

Uhuru and Raila's union caught many of their allies unaware, with the two developing a strong working relationship for the past 18 months.

"I did not imagine that they would meet. When we were about to present our views, we were shocked to see them shaking hands," Ongeri said.


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