Wednesday September 18, 2019-President Uhuru Kenyatta has passionately thanked Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU-K) Secretary-General Francis Atwoli for what he termed as defending him vibrantly.

Uhuru was speaking on Wednesday when he officially opened the Organisation of Trade Union Unity (OATUU) conference in Nairobi.

“My friend and older brother Dr. Francis Atwoli, thank you for defending me very vibrantly. I appreciate,” Uhuru told Atwoli, who also doubles up as the President of OATUU.

Atwoli is one of the fiercest defenders of Uhuru’s administration, with the COTU boss sometime back declaring that the Head of State is too young to retire when his second term comes to an end in 2022.

He has equally defended the President against his Deputy William Ruto, who in his opinion, is hell-bent on tainting Uhuru’s image and sabotaging his big 4 agendas.

Initially, Atwoli had send Uhuru in a frenzy of laughter as he pleaded for the increase of workers minimum wage. 

“You have done very well your Excellency when it comes to minimum wage. Minimum wage is requirement of the international Labour Organisation.”

“You have always strived to improve Kenyan workers minimum wage by annually reviewing that position,” said Atwoli during the event that was televised live.

“We are sure next year, when you are attending our labour day your Excellency you will do the same,” he added as the President was seen laughing heartily.

OATUU was formed in 1973 to fight for workers’ rights.


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