Monday September 16, 2019 - A vocal MP linked to Tanga Tanga was evicted from a Nanyuki church on Sunday for being drunk and disorderly.

The incident happened at AIPCA, Nanyuki, where Laikipia Women Representative, Catherine Waruguru, was kicked out for trying to disrupt a church function.

Waruguru had stormed the church with over 200 drunk delinquents who were throwing insults at men of the cloth.

They were also hurling insults at former Starehe MP, Maina Kamanda, who was forced to hide to avoid any confrontation with the enraged youths.

“I had received intelligence reports that Waruguru would storm the church and that is why I informed Kamanda to leave using another door once she gets in.”

“She had not been invited to the church and she meant to cause chaos," Presiding Bishop, Ngunjiri Ndirangu, told the press.

The Bishop added that Kamanda had honoured a personal invite to attend the service and he would be present during another service in October.

"Actually Kamanda will be here also on October 13 in preparation for the visit of the Head of State President Uhuru Kenyatta.”

“Waruguru should seek forgiveness from God for attempting to disrupt the church service.”

“But thank God she did not manage,” he stated.


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